Program Initiatives

Hoops & High Heels Incorporated aims to service the girls in our community by collaborating with local organizations and public figures to implement the below program initiatives in 2018 and beyond. Contact us here if you are interested in being a mentor or working together for future events/programs (aka “The Hoops & High Heels Project”).  We’d love to have you!

Youth Sports Development

We continue to build a network of coaches, players, and trainers through our organization’s community involvement.  Each year, young ladies will have the opportunity to participate in various physical activities and fun fitness sessions for free.  Personal skills training is also available by request for basketball, soccer, and track.

Academic Excellence

The first step to being a student-athlete is dominating in the classroom!  The Hoops & High Heels Project will serve as an avenue for students to find tutors and learn helpful study tips & guidelines to maintaining an eligible GPA for high-school athletics as well as college admission requirements.  Academic excellence also plays a huge role in playing sports at the collegiate level.

Business Etiquette & Professionalism

An important key to becoming a successful woman in sports is knowing how to balance your fiery passion and aggression on the court/field with poise and professional etiquette.  Our goal is to collaborate with college graduates, young professionals, and women in the sports industry to share their wisdom and insight on the how to stay focused on their journey and things to remember along the way.

College Preparation

Inspired by our first college-based event in Summer 2017, the Hoops & High Heels project has made it a necessary action to host at least two collegiate information sessions/mixers a year for students and student-athletes to learn about the experience of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) from a variety of HBCU alumni.

Community Service

The Hoops & High Heels Project loves taking the initiative to create opportunities for students who enjoy interacting with others; or looking for extra service hours as they get closer to graduation.  #CommunityServiceSaturdays are going to resume in the New Year with at least 2 service days per quarter.  We will also have ad-hoc service opportunities throughout the year as other local organizations reach out for volunteer assistance and event support.

Do you believe in creating more opportunities for female athletic programs & advocating for women in the sports industry?  You can donate towards our 2019 student programs & activities fund here!