About Us

Our Mission

To inspire and encourage ladies in our community through leadership, scholarship, service, and athletics; by creating a network of young women who embody the values of an athlete while still embracing their own beauty, intelligence, and poise.”

Our Background

Hoops & High Heels Incorporated is a dynamic sports organization that was founded on January 1, 2016.  This rising non-profit organization, also referred to as The Hoops & High Heels Project, was officially chartered by the State of Maryland on July 28, 2016.  Our drive to give back to the girls in the DC-Metropolitan community has motivated us to continue building a powerhouse of former, current, and future female athletes, coaches, and business women in the sports industry who believe in the mission of our organization.

Our Purpose

Our organization was created to inspire and educate young girls in the community through sports; and with the mentoring and support of women and men who have been involved in the sports industry as an athlete, journalist, coach, and/or business professional.

“As a young woman, coach, college graduate, and former athlete, it is my turn to recognize the strong girls and women everywhere who have ever faced or broken a glass ceiling in their industry. We honor those athletes and professionals who have played, coached, mentored, and thrived in the male-dominated world of sports. Leaders, members, and affiliates of Hoops & High Heels Incorporated are joyously recognized as advocates for creating more opportunities within female athletics; and we intend to continue shining a light on our girls as they learn to build their own legacy in the world.”

– Ms. Shannon N. Bryant, Founder