About Us


Our Mission

To inspire and encourage ladies in our community through leadership, service, and athletics; by creating a network of young women who embody the values of an athlete while still embracing their own beauty, intelligence, and poise.”

“Changing the WORLD around us.. one girl at a time.”

Our Background

Hoops & High Heels Incorporated is a dynamic sports organization that was founded on January 1, 2016.  This rising non-profit organization, also referred to as The Hoops & High Heels Project, was officially chartered by the State of Maryland on July 28, 2016.  Our drive to give back to the girls in the DC-Metropolitan community has motivated us to continue building a powerhouse of former, current, and future female athletes, coaches, and business women in the sports industry who believe in the mission of our organization.

Our Purpose

“As a young woman, coach, college graduate, and former athlete, it is my turn to recognize the strong girls and women everywhere who have ever faced or broken a glass ceiling in their industry. We honor those athletes and professionals who have played, coached, mentored, and thrived in the male-dominated world of sports. Leaders, members, and affiliates of Hoops & High Heels Incorporated are joyously recognized as advocates for creating more opportunities within female athletics; and we intend to continue shining a light on our girls as they learn to build their own legacy in the world.”

– Ms. Shannon N. Bryant, Founder