2018 Woman of the Year: Celebrating Women in Sports with Candess Correll

Candess Correll was born and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland where she has made a name for herself as a dancer, scholar, and an inspirational woman in our community. She graduated from the University of Maryland (College Park), where she was a student athlete. Candess managed to study Computer Science and takeover on the sidelines with the University of Maryland dance team.

Upon graduation, Candess went on to work as a full time Software Engineer for Booz Allen Hamilton and dance professionally as an NFL cheerleader. Her accolades include dancing with the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, performing for Barack Obama’s Presidential inauguration, being recognized as a top 15 hottest NFL cheerleader by “The Sportster” magazine, and earning a month spread in the Redskins Cheerleader swimsuit calendar and being declared as one of the top 10 NFL cheerleaders of 2017 by “USA Today”.

Candess is very proud to be a woman in sports because she gets to set an example for women of all ages, especially women of color.. by emphasizing that we do have a rightful place in sports. Being a woman in sports further exemplifies the magnitude of how strong, healthy, and dedicated black women are! Which is why Candess strives to continue encouraging other girls that look like her to pursue their passion & dream in sports.

Congratulations Candess! We are always in support of your journey as you continue to inspire our youth through sports.

– Shannon Nichele, Founder

The Hoops & High Heels Project


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