Class of 2017: The Hoops & High Heels Experience

June 10, 2017


Well, if you haven’t noticed already, it’s Grad Season!  This Spring, billions of boys and girls crossed the stage for the first time as they graduate from Kindergarten.  Millions of teenagers leap towards their next chapter as they graduate from High School; while the future leaders of our next generation earn their Associate’s and/or Bachelor’s degree from accredited Colleges and Universities across the world.

Men and Women have taken on the challenge of Higher Education and have earned PhD’s, Jurist Doctorates, and Master’s degrees.  So Congratulations to the Class of 2017!! You’ve earned it.  I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge a group of girls who are special to me.  My very first class of Hoops & High Heels Student Members & Graduates.  Many girls crossed my path over the past year, but a few stayed close by and even taught me a thing or two along the way.

Hoops & High Heels is proud to see our first membership class at Hoops & High Heels Inc. graduate from high school. 🎓 During the past year, these young ladies have volunteered at multiple community events, stayed involved in school, excelled in sports, overcame tragic times among their peers, and most importantly – focused on their grades in preparation for their future.  Congrats Girls!!! We look forward to seeing how you decide to #BuildYourLegacy in the world.


Collectively, this is what they’ve achieved. Enjoy a few pictures! More to come! 📸

** Honors & Achievements **

$224,000 Total Scholarship Offers
Class of 2017 Valedictorian.
SGA Vice President.
SGA Class Representative.
Outstanding Community Service. Cheerleading, Soccer, Track, Basketball, and Softball.
Drama Production.DSC_5329🏆Varsity Basketball Conference Champions.
⚽️Varsity Soccer Conference Champi

College Education Goals
Hampton University.
New York University.
University of Maryland Eastern Shore.
Howard University.
Morgan State University (not photographed).
Florida A&M University.
Towson University.


Shoutout to those HBCUs! #hbculove😍❤️

THIS SUMMER–> College Bound 2017–>





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