Community Service Saturdays

IMG_2731Hoops & High Heels is committed to helping students find more volunteer opportunities to earn service hours for high school, and to help small businesses in the local community.  Every weekend.. we are looking for students who want to get more involved in community outreach!  In August, our organization will be collaborating with another non-profit in the area in support of our community service initiative.

This year, we joined forces with the well-known basketball league Suburban Coalition by volunteering at the door, concessions stand, and scorers table.  Suburban Coalition began about 20 years ago; and after a small break, they have decided to bring back the 2017 Summer & Spring Basketball leagues for Girls, Boys, & Men’s AAU Basketball teams.


*Important Notice: We are looking for volunteers to help out this summer at Suburban Coalition summer league games at Oxon Hill High School.  Please text (202) 730-9744 if you would like to sign up.  Thanks! *

Contact Us if you are in need of service hours for school, or if you are interested in participating in our next community service event this Summer!  Stay tuned on our social media and website for updates on the rest of our community service events during the year.

Representing NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIVERSITY at the Annual College Fair in Alexandria, Virginia.



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