She Loves2 Hoop with Taylor Brown

July 28, 2016

taybrownHoops & High Heels Inc. had the pleasure of collaborating with Taylor Brown 31, LLC at their first Girls’ basketball training session!  The girls really enjoyed their gym time learning new basketball handles, shooting techniques, and fundamental drills on the court. Taylor also took the time to speak to the girls about her journey in middle and high school, and what strength she has in finding her passion for working with youth in the community.

tb-sessionTaylor is the founder and owner of Taylor Brown 31 LLC, which is a full service video production company, sports development, and clothing company. She also has a strong passion for basketball and played for George Mason University during her college career. “I started playing basketball when I was six years old and I was blessed with the opportunity to play basketball for a very long time. I have a strong passion for giving back to the community and providing opportunities for the youth to experience the same opportunities I did growing up which is why I decided to build a sports development program for the youth.”

Be on the lookout for more basketball camp events with Taylor Brown and her team!


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